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VigRX Plus Review Canada

VigRX has been available since the mid 2000’s and has spawned dozens of similar products.

It is the original male virility supplement and has now evolved and become VigRX Plus – now containing a natural substance called Bioperine that significantly increases the absorption of the key ingredients.

Please note the only purchasing option is the official website, there are however special price discounts for Canadian customers.

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Its creators, Albion Medical consulted with the worlds leading sexual health experts and qualified medical professionals to design a product that is regarded to be the most effective natural supplement geared towards combating erectile dysfunction and many associated erection problems often being compared to Viagra.

What Does VigRX Plus Do

Targeted at all sexually active males regardless of age that seek an improvement to their erections. Taking two tablets a day can result in:

  • A Firmer Erection – increase rigidity and strength of erection
  • An Larger Erection – increase in length and girth expanding the corpora cavernosa
  • Ejaculation Control – a longer lasting erection
  • Better Orgasms – a heightened sensitivity
  • Stronger Sex Drive – a raised libido and much improved virility

How Does VigRX Plus Work

Each capsule comprises of substances that are well documented aphrodisiacs and have been used by many differing cultures and societies the world over and for decades

The natural substances are beneficial at increasing blood flow to the spongy chambers within the corpora cavernosa – the erectile tissue that runs the length of each side of the penis

The picture opposite depicts the spongy erectile tissue is in flaccid state, when sexual arousal or excitement occurs the spongy chamber will fill with blood. The quality, size and strength of the erection is dependent on how much blood is forced into these chambers.

The penis is similar to any other “muscle” in the male body – definition is improved greatly with increased blood flow.

How Quickly Can I Expect Results

After the first few weeks you can expect to notice an a larger definition both in girth. Your erection should be more rigid and last longer.

The second month of use should bring an increase in both length and girth and enable you have more control over your ejaculations. Into the third month should result in a heightened state of sensitivity coupled with a more voluminous penis both in its erect and flaccid state.

Medical Endorsements And Clinical Study

VigRX Plus has received glowing testimonies from some of worlds leading and respected authorities. It is often used a natural substitute or alternative to Viagra.

Steven Lamm, MD is not famed for associating himself with commercial products but is a keen supporter of VigRX Plus and suggests to his male patients that require treatment for all kinds of sexual problems or erectile dysfunction to any degree.

Potential Side Effects

Albion Medical have a strict safety policy, all commercial products are thoroughly tested prior to release and several times during its life-cycle. There are no documented or reported side effects if used in accordance with manufacturers suggested usage instruction.

Also suitable for vegetarians

Does VigRX Plus Work – Is It Recommended

If you suffer form any form of erection issue or lack of libido or simply want a more impressive penis it could well be the best money you have ever spent. Highly Recommended.

Where To Buy VigRX Plus In Canada

Can be purchased direct from the official website. Retail stores and pharmacies (such as Shoppers Drug Mart and Jean Coutu) are unlikely to stock as there is an ’embarrassment’ factor associated with this kind of product.

All orders placed direct are covered by 67 day money back guarantee and packages are delivered  un-marked with absolute discretion. All credit card or debit card statements or non specific to avoid any potential embarrassment.

Buy VigRX Plus Canada

VigRX Plus can be taken along VigRX Oil for immediate results.






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  1. willy

    Where checkout?

  2. Ali

    Is vigrx plus 100% vegetarian

    Thank you

  3. Saeed Ahmed

    I am a 65 years old healthy man with a diabetes but very controlled and on pills for 20 yrs. I have 2 grown children.
    I have problems of premature ejaculation and dysfunction.
    my question is for how long(weeks/days) I must vigRX and what would be the dose everyday. Can vigRX also be used at the time of need or it is weeks and months treatment.

    1. admin

      VigRX is a treatment so you should take it everyday. We recommend starting for 3 months but you can take this supplement for as long as you want.

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