New Improved Size Genetics Now on Sale in Canada

Size Genetics penis enlargement has been improved and is now even more comfortable.

Since the launch of the new SizeGenetics system, sales have doubled in Canada; this sends the message that men want a penis enlargement device that’s both comfortable and affordable.

Size Genetics
You get all this with the complete Size Genetics system

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The principle is simple, the more comfortable the penis enlargement device is, the longer you will wear it for. The more you wear your SizeGenetics for a long time, the more spectacular your results will be such as lengthening the penis of 7 cm and stronger and firmer erections.

SizeGenetics sent me their new and improved penis extender and I must admit that it works very well because the device is super good quality, very comfortable and very stylish. You can really tell that they’ve utilized all the latest technological advances, because it’s really the device of the future!

Improved SizeGenetics – very comfortable enlargement

You’re surely asking what is new about the improved Size Genetics penis extender

Not only does the Size Genetics system come complete with numerous extras, as in the photo above, but what is really revolutionary is the 16-way comfort system.

The new comfort system allows you to wear the device 16 different ways so you can find the most comfortable option for you and you can move along the penis enlarger according to your new size.

Size Genetics was already in our top 3 best penis extenders, but I must admit that the new model is extremely comfortable. It’s as if you’re not wearing anything at all.

For those who have already worn a penis extender, you know very well that if it’s not comfortable, you wear it less and less and therefore you have much less spectacular results.

SizeGenetics Canada

With Size Genetics, you won’t have this problem. It’s very comfortable and the results of 7cm enlargement are clinically proven are secured by a complete satisfaction guarantee or your money back for six months.

So, try it at home with no risk, you’ve got nothing to lose.

Advantages of the new Size Genetics:

  • New 16-way comfort system
  • Numerous free extras
  • More comfortable, so you can wear it for longer and you’ll achieve better results
  • Satisfaction guaranteed or money back in 6 months, buy without risk
  • Best value device of its kind on the market
  • Free Shipping in a non-descriptive box

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