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Male Extra Review For Canada – Natural Viagra

Male Extra is one of the leading male potency and performance products on the market. It is the best selling male enhancement in the United States and Canada.

Customer reviews show the pills have already helped thousands of men to “man up” and, although the pills are not primarily designed to encourage penile growth many customers report an increase in penis size (0.8 – 2.6 inches) after only 3 – 6 months of use.

Male Extra is closest supplement to Viagra on the market – It is the natural alternative and many experts feel could surpass Viagra as the number one choice for men wanting to improve their sexual performance.

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What is Male Extra and How Does it Work?

Most products of this type are designed to increase blood flow to the penis. The only real difference between Male Extra and the competition is the product appears to be more efficient and faster working .

During periods of sexual excitement, the tissues in the penis become filled with extra blood, causing it to become longer and harder.

Male Extra how does it work

Penile girth also increases but many men are denied such an engorged manhood. This can occur due to many reasons, including the aging process and overwork.

The special formulation of natural ingredients used in Male Extra opens up the blood vessels sufficiently to ensure the rock-hard erections necessary for easy penetration and prolonged sexual performance and pleasure. Use of the pills will also improve the circulation of blood to other important organs, including the brain.

This will allow them to benefit from a better supply of oxygen and ensure they get extra nutrients. The upshot of this will be an increased level of physical stamina, less fatigue, and more “staying power”.

Male Extra Benefits

  • Increases blood flow to the penis
  • Gives you a bigger, harder erection
  • Intensifies your orgasm
  • Encourages the penis to grow
  • Allows you to be a winner in the bedroom
Usage Instructions – Three capsules are required per day. They can be taken with breakfast or any other meal of the day.

Active Ingredients

  • L-Arginine
  • Pomegranate extract
  • Methylsufonyl Methane
  • L-Methionine
  • Zinc
  • Cordyceps
  • Niacin

Male Extra Formula Explained

The formulation contains so many good ingredients its hard to know where to begin, but the manufacturer appears to consider pomegranate to be the most important one so that’s where we’ll start.

Apart from being rich in antioxidants that can improve the health in numerous ways, pomegranate also contains a compound called ellagic acid that is known to be excellent for improving the circulation and the results of one study showed people drinking pomegranate juice every day showed a 17% improvement in circulation.

Male extra what is in it

Niacin also stands out as being a particularly noteworthy inclusion. It’s so good at opening up the blood vessels (vasodilation) it’s often added to bodybuilding supplements and is also a key player in many smart drugs. The results of numerous studies show niacin is a good treatment for erectile dysfunction and after one study, conducted in Hong Kong, the researchers concluded: “Niacin alone can improve the erectile function in patients suffering from moderate to severe ED and dyslipidemia”.

Male extra explainedLike niacin, L-Argine is a common inclusion in bodybuilding supplements, but it isn’t only useful for building big, hard muscles.

The results of some studies show many men who supplemented with this versatile amino acid reported a significant improvement in erection quality.

The rest of the ingredients are also more than capable of helping the formulation live up the claims that are made for it, but Zinc is not generally linked with erection quality. It is known to be effective for boosting testosterone levels though and also has a good reputation as a libido enhancer.

Male Extra Customer Feedback

At the time of this review Male Extra already boasted over 150,000 “satisfied” customers.

A few average customer reviews read:

“I never had a problem when I was younger, but getting older can be a real passion killer. Male Extra pumped some extra life into my limp dick and I am amazed at how hard it gets these days. So’s my wife and she’s loving the new me.”
“I’m only 25 years old but I was having problems getting hard and was worried my girlfriend may stray. I knew the problem was me, but not why it was happening. I’m still not sure about that, but I know Male Extra made the problems go away. My sex life is better than it’s been in months!!! I cannot recommend this product enough.”
“I’d been having problems for a long time. It started off as an occasional thing, but then it became all the time and my wife started becoming insecure about her sex appeal. She even accused me of wearing myself out with another woman. I only decided to buy Male Extra because of the guarantee, but it got me up and ready in no time. Now the problems with my wife are a thing of the past. I’m also having a bit of a fling with a girl from work. She’s half my age, but I’m managing just fine ;-)”

Can Male Extra Cause Side Effects

No side effects have been reported but it makes sense to get your doctor’s approval before using Male Extra if you have existing health issues or are using medication or over-the-counter supplements.

The Bottom Line

Male Extra contains some extremely good ingredients and customer reviews show they have been combined in a way that produces incredible results.

Erectile dysfunction is a very common problem and worrying about it only makes it worse. Customers who buy this product should be able to stop worrying and put their problems behind them and there’s even a money back guarantee.

If you are reading this because you need a supplement that can provide a bigger harder penis and keep you going all night, Male Extra was made with you in mind and we have no hesitation in giving it our full and complete recommendation.


If Male Extra doesn’t get you hard it will be easy to get your money back because the manufacturer is offering a 60-day money back guarantee.

Where To Buy Male Extra

Buy Male Extra CanadaMale Extra is only available via the official website. the prices are shown in US $ but there is a menu on the website whereby you can select different currencies – such as CAD$. There are also different languages such as French for those residing in Québec.

The best current special offers enables you to buy 4 bottles and receive 2 free – this equates to US$41 per bottle

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