Male Edge Penis Enlarger Review

If you are looking for penile extension solutions then stop right here. With Male Edge you will not just get discreet help but also the most effective one.

The Male Edge Penis Enlarger comes in different variations and all are results of intensive research and use of the latest technological development in male enhancement options. No more pill or topical solutions with their unwanted side-effects to mar your efforts any more.

The Male Edge Penis Enlarger is sleek, ergonomic and almost weightless at 2.1 oz. But this light design has the power to deliver 2800 grams of traction to help achieve maximum penile growth.

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You get safe, non-invasive help and see immediate turnaround in your sex life the moment you start using it. What’s more, the benefits don’t stop at just the size. Use of this phallic extender also ensures that you get more pleasure out of sex with greater ejaculation, greater erection and better orgasms.

One of the greatest endorsements for the product comes from its own history. Dana Medic is a name to reckon with when it comes to penile extension solutions.

They shot to fame with their legendary Jes-Extender in 1995. Since then their research and development team has come with ever growing and ever advanced solutions to this male health issue.

MaleEdge is one of their latest innovations which promise more with very little effort. They are known for their safety measures and excellent 24×7 customer care system adding to the credibility and popularity of their products.

Raving customer reviews and an amazing double money back guarantee is further proof of their unbeatable quality.

What does Male Edge Penis Enlarger do?

What makes Male Edge revolutionary is that it is based on the philosophy of the body’s ability to grow naturally, with a little help. This thought is not new since tribal cultures around the world have used some form of traction to lengthen limbs and various body parts.

Same has been used in medical science to help growth and support of injured or impaired body parts. What is new is, using this idea and applying it as a penile stretcher with the help of science.

The Male Edge traction works with the help of comfortable straps and various traction bars to help enlarge your penis. This is a clinically proven method to improve not just the length but also the girth of the penis.

The technique is painless, safe and offers a permanent solution. You also have the choice and control to decide how much growth you want. Based on your decision you can apply as much traction or as little and limit the duration of use.

This groundbreaking penis traction device is comfortable, easy to use and non-surgical. It simply uses a tried and tested approach which harnesses the body’s natural growth potential.

Clinical trials have proven that one can expect almost 28%-29% growth in length and almost 19% in girth.

Male Edge is designed and developed as per strict medical standards and with quality medical grade materials. It is quality at a great price. It is lightweight and can worn all day without any discomfort.

How does Male Edge Penis Enlarger work?

Male Edge uses the penis traction technology which applies delicate force and slowly stretches the tissues along the shaft of the penis leading to cytokinesis. This means as they stretch, micro tears in the cell tissue cause them to divide and multiply. Over time, bigger and stronger new tissues grow all over the penis making it long as well as thick.

Newer growth also allows the penis to hold more blood. This means that the rush of pleasure and orgasms will definitely be more than before. You will also be able to perform and hold on for a longer time as well as have greater ejaculation load.

Male Edge Penis Enlarger: Variations 

The Male Edge Penis Enlarger comes in 3 styles:

  • The blue and white Male Edge Basic costs $179.00 – This will get you started with the simple device, a ruler and a comfort strap.
  • The green and black Male Edge Extra costs $199.00 – In addition to the above it comes with two comfort straps, a protection pad and a travel bag.
  • The red and black Male Edge Pro costs $219.00 – This comes with 4 comfort straps, two replacement protection pads, a cohesive gauze along with the device, all in a stylish travel bag.

The difference is only in the number of components and add-ons that come with each package. The safety, comfort factor and efficacy of all are same.

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What comes with the Male Edge Penis Enlarger package?

  • The Extender device
  • A Ruler: To measure the growth and keep track of your penis enlargement progress. It helps measure both the length and Peyronie’s degree of angle.
  • A Rubber strap: It is a comfort device which is easy to use, adjustable and safe with no damage risk to the penis.
  • Protection Pad: This is given to ensure protection and safety of your penis during the traction. There will be no discomfort or irritation when the device is being used.
  • Cohesive Gauze: This is given to increase the level of protection and better securing of the strap. It ensures that you get the maximum protection while the device is at work.
  • An instructional DVD: This will take through the process step and step and guide you through the usage.
  • Travel Bag: Except for the basic model, for all other buys you will get a stylish black and red travel bag which will help you carry the device without having to make extra space in your luggage.
  • Online Support: As a buyer you will also have exclusive access to the Male Edge online support section to address your doubts and queries as well as interact with other users.

How Quickly Can I Expect Results

For most users growth results are evident after just a month. But for substantial growth you will have to use it for at least 6 months.

Medical Endorsements and Clinical Study

The company has developed this product after years of research and tested it with numerous clinical trials. The manufacturing process adheres to strict quality assurance guidelines and uses only top quality and approved medical components.

All products are approved and backed by doctors, sex health experts and other medical professionals.

The products also come with a full two year warranty.

Male Edge Penis Enlarger: Cons 

The only drawback of the product is that it is more expensive than all its counterparts. However, no other similar product is as effective or as safe. And you can always start with the basic package if you are not sure about spending a lot.

Does Male Edge Penis Enlarger Plus Work – Is It Recommended?

One only has to read the customer reviews to see that it works. But you can also go ahead and ask for details of the clinical trials to see more about how it works.

The company is completely transparent and you can mail or call them directly if you have questions.

Where to buy Male Edge Penis Enlarger in Canada?

You can buy it from the official website: Click here to buy Male Edge

Male Edge is available to buy on the Internet. It is not available to buy in pharmacies like Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart, Zellers, Safeway or Loblaws.





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